March 27, 2015 Kari Gran


Sunday is the day I let myself sleep in without an alarm. I get up have a leisurely cup of coffee in bed and read the paper. Later when the morning unfolds I have breakfast with my family. Sundays are also my grocery shopping days. I start out early in the afternoon to avoid the crowds, I buy things so I can prep and cook for the week. Even though preparing meals may not sound leisurely, it is relaxing for me when I can go at my own pace without rushing to get food on the table.

By setting aside one day out of the week to catch up on my sleep, cook healthy meals and spend time with my family, I am able to begin the week with renewed energy. It takes discipline to free up my schedule but the rituals that I do on Sunday makes me feel so much more “in control” and relaxed throughout the week.

For you, Sundays may be completely different. Some people start the day going to church while others prefer to spend the day outdoors. Everyone has different needs but establishing a predictable ritual prior to a hectic week can help to save time and unwanted stress.

Mandi, our trusted marketing coordinator, wakes up early Sunday morning, takes her dog, Harley, on a long walk to the dog park, and spends the rest of the day cuddling up with a good read. Since high school, she’s maintained a Sunday Night Beauty Ritual of deep conditioning her hair in coconut oil, a DIY- pedicure, and an exfoliating Clarisonic facial cleanse.

Give yourself a day to relax and enjoy the little things like a cup of coffee, pedicure or bath and restore yourself for the week ahead. Taking time to slowdown, focuses your mind and provides clarity to what you need to accomplish during the week. Simplifying by dumping your brain clutter and preparing what you can before you embark on the week ahead. .

Do you have a Sunday ritual? How do you prep for the week?




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