January 25, 2016 Mandi Meek


Joining a 21 day health transformation in January feels a little cliché, but hey, I’m here and I’m doing this thing. Kari has joined Dahl House Nutrition and the 21 Day Transformation for a vacation from glycation (read more here), and she asked me to join her. Nothing beats the buddy system for support when trying to make a lifestyle change – even if it is only temporary. Plus, a little lunchtime office accountability has been great so far to help keep us on track.

To kick start the program, I committed to the optional 3-day green juice/smoothie cleanse. After some quick research on the internet, I found that for sugar-addicts like myself, a green juice or smoothie cleanse can help curb cravings to get you past the 3-day hump and sugar withdrawal. After the initial inner rebel child tantrum of wanting anything and everything that wasn’t on the smoothie meal plan for the weekend, my mood and energy perked up. I fully embraced the green smoothie challenge, and I feel like it really helped me get over the persistent cravings for sugar.

There were only a few moments that finishing the green blend wouldn’t satisfy my desire for sugar. So instead of devouring whatever sweets I could find like I usually would do, I took my dog for a walk. Getting outside and light exercise was a great distraction. Plus there’s something sweet in watching your dog frolicking in delight around the neighborhood. On a particularly late night when my sweet tooth seemed to be the most active, I opted to do something creative instead. Redirecting my attention to a creative outlet was the easiest distraction. I was so involved in my project that I totally forgot why I started working on it in the first place.

There’s something wonderful about going to the fridge and grabbing a jar of healthy green goodness. Giving your body nourishing, fresh veggies can do wonders for both body and mind. Let me be the first to tell you that completely guilt-free meals are priceless.

So with that, I raise my glass of pureed veggies to a fresh start of my relationship with food.






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