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MAY 10, 2017


May 10, 2017


There’s nothing like welcoming spring with a good deep cleaning. This year consider cleaning out more than just your home. I’m dedicated to swapping out conventional products in favor of green and natural solutions, and my cleaning products were in definite need of a purge. Having followed Becky Rapinchuk’s blog for years, Clean Mama, I am very familiar with her methods and I appreciate her approach to keeping the time spent cleaning each day to a minimum while still achieving a freshly cleaned feeling. This spring she published her second book, Simply Clean. Paired with her original book, The Organically Clean Home, I was spring clean without a toxin in sight.

The Organically Clean Home

Rapinchuk’s first book is a gold mine of organic cleaning recipes that you can DIY to keep your home chemical-free. She first started writing in 2009 when conventional cleaning products dominated the market and green alternatives lacked proven results. The Organically Clean Home does cover some of her schedule and time management tips when it comes to housekeeping, but it definitely is more focused on providing natural and green solutions to the reader. This book is not for those who are DIY shy or simply don’t have the time and energy to be making their own products. For anyone who fits in either of those categories, I highly recommend her latest book to everyone.

Simply Clean

 As the title states, Simply Clean is the proven method for keeping your home organized, clean, and beautiful in just 10 minutes a day. Yes, really. Just 10 minutes.

 Let’s face it. Cleaning is not something that most people enjoy. It is a necessity that does not spark joy for me. If I could Mari Kando my life’s activities, cleaning would be out the window along with paying bills. And despite being one of the 1,000,000 monthly page viewers and one of the 90,000 newsletter subscribers to Clean Mama, I still struggle with the basics. Enter Simply Clean. One of my favorite parts of the book is the step by step “how to clean Xthat Rapinchuk includes. These tips offer timesaving, actionable advice on how to clean smarter not harder. I definitely recommend that you send this book to the young adults in your life. 

Rapinchuk takes the intimidation and the guilt out of cleaning by offering an easy to follow schedule that allows you to take back your home without sacrificing a lot of time. With a built-in, catchall day in case you miss anything during the week and a designated day off, I have found that I have no excuses to not follow through on my weekly schedule – even if I am too busy to bother one day out of the week.

The 7 Day Simply Clean Kick Start Challenge is a great way to ease into the schedule so that readers are not left overwhelmed. For me, the most challenging part was not to binge on cleaning during those 7 days. It is so easy to get into a groove and try to accomplish everything in one day, but it only perpetuates the cycle of bad cleaning habits. In order to build a new habit, we must take a daily approach, which requires self-control and patience in my case. Following the 7 Day Challenge, readers are welcome to either repeat the challenge to continue the comfortable easing into the routine or to take the next step with the 28 Day challenge. The included checklists are the perfect way to track your progress and keep you on task. 

Whether you need to change your bad habit of cleaning with chemicals or want to build healthy cleaning habits in general, both of Rapinchuk’s books are a great resource to get you started.