March 01, 2015 Sally Bjornsen


It’s been two months since we started the Kari Gran Dozen Little Things challenge. In January we encouraged you to wash your faces every day. In February we promoted small acts of kindness. For March, we are working to simplify; whatever that might mean for you.

For me it means, cutting back on the clothes in my closet, saying no to invitations I’m not that excited or interested in, disposing of papers on my desk that I no longer need or use. Essentially, it’s creating enough room in my life so I can see the forest through the trees. As I get older (I’m in my fifties) I find that I have an urge to shed the items, interests and brain clutter I no longer have a use for. In my 30s and 40s I was in accumulation mode, collecting, buying, storing, etc. Now I just want to get down to the bare necessities, to keep my mind free of senseless busy-ness so I can think creatively and move seamlessly.

As part of my effort to simplify I purged my makeup drawer in the bathroom, something I had some anxiety about, (I feel so wasteful when I throw away unused items). I forced myself to sort through the drawer disposing of products I never use, no matter how much I originally paid for them, or how big the promise of never ending youth. If I hadn’t used it in three months it got tossed in the garbage basket or poured down the sink. Needless to say my makeup drawer is now nearly empty and I feel lighter. I no longer have to dig through piles of pretty pots and pencils to find what I am looking for. Instead the small collection of six items I use consistently is right there where I can see it. It’s a small list but it is really all I need to look and feel great. So what’s in that drawer now? The Little Black Dress of skin care of course and a handful of makeup items. My morning routine just got a heck of a lot easier and my mind a lot freer. How might you go about simplifying your life? Comment below and let us know.




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