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January 31, 2019

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Streamlining, simplifying, making smarter choices – these are our dreams for 2019. So how, exactly, do we make that happen?  

This inspired us to host a fun workshop (with a little party mixed in) with a few of our favorite, super-smart friends last Saturday who shared their best tips for doing just that. Many long-time Kari Gran customers, newbies, and a few social influencers came to the workshop. We noshed on nutritious, delicious bites, learned about the essential vitamins every woman needs and had a wardrobe makeover maven help guide us through closet clutter. Plus, free makeup touchups/applications.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, we missed you.  No worries though, read on for a few key takeaways from our delightful guest experts.

Dr. Emily Passaic, Naturopathic Physician, Ayurvedic Practitioner, kicked things off with her talk about the essential supplements every woman needs for fuel. Can you guess what they are?

  • Magnesium. Plays a main role in the health of bone, cell membranes and chromosomes.
  • Collagen.  We all know how important this is for our skin.
  • Vitamin D.  A hormone that we absorb from sun and from food, which directly affects sleep and affects over 3,000 genes.
  • Probiotics.  Essentially, it’s all about a healthy gut with probiotics.

Emily’s website is a wealth of good-to-know info for healthy living:

Next up, Jeannie Oliver, Certified Health Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and, classically trained chef. She’s one of our go-to gurus for simple, quick recipes based on food that’s good for your body and brain. Oh, and by the way, they also taste delicious. Lucky us, she whipped up some tasty treats for everyone to sample post-presentations. Yum.

Jeannie shared her clever list of her Top 10 Food Prep and Cooking Tips. Here are 3 we’re going to give a try (or are trying to do already).

  • Cook once, eat twice (or more!)
  • Pick a cooking day.
  • Double or triple your recipes when cooking.

For more of Jeannie’s approach on keeping mind and body healthy with food, check out her blog:

Last, but certainly not least, my longtime dynamo of a friend Rhea V. Opinano, schooled us on streamlining your wardrobe into 15 essential items. With 30+ years in the fashion industry, Rhea knows how to pick the minimum number of pieces that can be used in multiple ways. Her mantra: “The first rule is: There are no rules. What’s important is to be comfortable, feel AMAZING and be your true, authentic self.” Below are a few of the essentials.

  • Essential Knit Tee.  This is the foundation to creating multiple outfits.
  • Classic Flats.  Loafers, ballet, sling, mule…something for a smart, classic look.
  • Dark Jeans.  These should make you feel INCREDIBLE! Choose dark blue, dark grey or black.
  • Versatile Cardigan. You will be surprised how often you wear this.
But the most important is a great attitude:  This is THE MOST ESSENTIAL piece of them all.  Without a great attitude…the rest doesn’t matter.

The goal of The Edit: A Lifestyle Workshop?   Hopefully to free all of us up to enjoy more of life, by getting down to basics.  That’s the golden ticket, right?  

Much respect and appreciation to our amazing panel of experts!

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