June 18, 2013 Sally Bjornsen


Winter brings on dry skin reeking havoc on rare and delicate skin, we recommend seeking out plant based skin care products for health and beauty.  Even my young boys get patches of eczema in the colder months.  Using plant based skin care products – products that are absent of synthetically produced chemical compounds and instead use essential oils and natural, plant based products – will show a noticeable difference when fending off flakey, winter skin.

When purchasing a natural soap that will also moisturize, look for plant based skin care products that have natural vegetable oils, not tallow, which is animal fat and offers little to no skin care benefits.  Also avoid sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) which is a synthetic detergent that gives soap its lather but depletes your skin of moisture.

Glycerin is highly moisturizing for the skin and is often made as a byproduct of animal fat.  However, if you purchase plant based skin care soaps, look for the combination of coconut oil and palm oil.  These two oils in conjunction create a glycerin byproduct (minus the animal fat), so you can moisturize and still stay true to using only plant based skin care products.  If your skin is sensitive or if you are bathing a young child, look for soaps that offer honey or lavender.  They are excellent for calming easily irritated skin.

One final benefit to using plant based skin care products for heath and beauty… the soap you use in the shower or bath is good for the environment.  All the synthetic materials in commercial soaps built up in our waterways and harm natural resources.  So give your newly moisturized self and a pat on the back!




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