One Simple Habit Leads To Better Sleep

January 30, 2015

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Last fall we attended the Organic Spa media event. It was one of those soirees where companies tout their product to the press in a hotel ballroom. While we were there I couldn’t help but notice the two natural sleep aid companies and the fuss they were making about sleep. It was like they had discovered the new kale. Sleep, my old trusted friend, had transformed herself into the new fountain of youth, designed to prevent wrinkles and bags under the eyes while refreshing a person’s happiness levels in one single night. Who knew?

So, what is the lowdown on sleep? Will it keep you young, refreshed and happier? According to experts the answer is yes, or at the very least it is something to brag about when you get a lot of it. Sleep does a body good and people want it – especially if they can’t have it!

Sleep is one of the body’s basic needs, and although it may not seem to be the most productive activity, it really is. No, really! It affects brain functionality, decision-making and depression. Not to mention promotes weight loss and muscle repair. It also repairs and revitalizes your organs – including your skin.

So how do you take your sleeping habits to the next level?

Chamomile tea, reading, cutting off the caffeine after 5pm are all believed to help you get that very deserved rest your body needs. But, we’ve found the secret to a good night sleep.

Establishing and following a nightly ritual signals to your brain it’s time for bed. For me, it’s washing and moisturizing my face.

It’s really that simple. Wash with Cleansing Oil, follow up with Hydrating Tonic plus Essential Serum. Let the lavender induced relaxation begin.

For tonight and every night after – wash and moisturize your face and step away from your smart phone, laptop and tablet. Get some sleep. And, be kind to your skin.


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