O Canada! We've Arrived!

June 03, 2019

toronto sign in water

Hello, Neighbors to the North,

I’m taking the show on the road this summer — this week, I’m in Toronto for my first time ever.

As part of our plan for Kari Gran to go big or go home, we’ve gone international, first in Hong Kong and now with The Detox Market stores in Canada.  Seriously, we are beyond excited that we’ve come this far.  It’s kind of a big deal for us, especially as I remember the early days when it was just Lisa and me, a tiny workspace, and a nugget of an idea.

It’s humbling and thrilling, and we owe a big Thank You to our loyal customers in both the US and Canada — you’ve helped us grow Kari Gran into the company it is today.

If you’re not familiar with The Detox Market, it was a pioneer in the Green Beauty field when it began back in 2010, with a mission to educate consumers on the importance of clean, non-toxic ingredients and to offer “pure, effective and elegant products”.   It’s like a match made in heaven for us, because well, that’s what we believe in, too. 

We began our relationship with The Detox Market just about a year ago with their LA and NYC stores.   Happily, things have gone so well, we’re now expanding with them into Canada.

An important thing they look for before offering a new product line is the passion and “spark” of the founder, and their commitment to delivering quality products.  So, having passed this test is just a bit more of a feel-good moment for us.  

Once I’ve taken care of business, I can’t wait to get out and explore this city. 

Since I’m a Toronto newbie, I’d love to hear suggestions on your Don’t Miss It List in the downtown area — restaurants, sights to see, great views, shopping. 

Send any tips to me via our Kari Gran Instagram or Facebook.  Looking forward to hearing what you love about Toronto!

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