December 02, 2013 Sally Bjornsen


A natural hair care approach takes into consideration this fact – your hair is always changing.  Both the physical environment (sun, smog, humidity)  and what we consume (alcohol, caffeine and the like) affect your hair.  Yes, when looking for a natural hair care line, you are working from the outside in with your products but how your hair responds to a natural hair care line also comes from the inside out.  What you put in your body gives you the base of what you are working from. 

Margaret Ann Gregerson of Lake Union Hair Design in Seattle has been in the industry for over 30 years and first introduced me to natural hair care.  Her approach looks at how shampoo and conditioner affect not only your hair, but your body and skin.  What you put on your scalp is absorbed into your skin, so when choosing a hair care line, Margaret Ann suggest the following:

  •  Cruelty free products – a great product doesn’t have to been tested on animals
  •  Gluten free – with the wave of folks who are gluten intolerant,  be mindful that if gluten is in the product, it will absorb into your body
  •  Paraben free products – for the same reason’s Kari Gran expounds
  •  Look for essential oils – it all depends on your hair type but lavender and geranium both have excellent healing properties. 
  •  Look for sea properties – the different mineral and protein properties from the water will help nourish and support healthy hair.

Margaret Ann recommends the Alterna line and the Pureology  line.  She also recommends you change up your hair care line every quarter.  Find two lines you like and then switch back and forth each quarter, using one more than the other.  Your hair and its porosity (how much your hair absorbs and how much is doesn’t) changes over time, so alternating your products gives your hair the change it needs. 




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