August 16, 2017


Our Lip Whips have a cult-like following for a good reason! They are buttery soft, shiny and rich, and not to mention, contain good-for-you ingredients. As an extra bonus, our Lip Whip’s lightweight texture makes them easy to layer up with other lipsticks, or upon one another. 

Our favorite Lip Whip workhorse? Shimmer. She’s a sparkly, neutral go-anywhere shade that also plays nice with all our other color Lip Whips for a touch of glam.

Here’s how:

  1. Prep: Having smooth and supple lips is what makes perfectly applied lip color possible, so before donning a colorful lip we always start off with our Lip Scrub. We use a pea size amount of Lip Scrub and gently exfoliate the lips in a slow circular motion for about 30 seconds. Then, let sit for 30 seconds before wiping off excess with a warm washcloth and patting dry.
  1. Apply: Next, pick your favorite color Lip Whip. Suji Red, Jeannie and Marsala are some of our favorites to partner up with Shimmer. Apply the Lip Whip to your liking. Hint: for denser color, apply more layers to find the exact color you want. Shimmer is lightweight and will rest easily atop even a few base layers without feeling too thick.  
  1. Layer: Once the base color is complete, apply Shimmer evenly across your Lips with your fingertips or lip brush. If using your fingers, apply in small dabs so you don’t smear the base layer. If using a brush, use a light stroke for the same reason.

Hot Tip: In a rush, simply dab a small amount of Shimmer and your favorite hue to the back of your hand. Swirl until you reach your desired shade and apply. It’s that easy – just don’t forget to wipe off any extra from your hand!

Easy as that and you’re ready to shine on! Here’s a look at a few different Shimmer + colored Lip Whip combos for inspiration.

Shimmer Lip Whip (Top Left); Jeannie + Shimmer (Top Right); Suji Red + Shimmer (Bottom Left); Marsala + Shimmer (Bottom Right)

Do you have a favorite Lip Whip combination? Tell us your favorite mix-and-matches in the comments below.




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