November 22, 2013 Sally Bjornsen


Like a sagging backside, errant hairs and uncharacteristic mood swings, menopause skin is a real thing.  Arghh.  As my good friend Laura says it not menopause it’s “mean-o-pause,” pausing to be mean.  Call it what you will this mid life curve ball is a lot to handle.  But in many ways I am grateful that I live in a time when people can talk about it.  I am not sure my mother had any one to consult on the matter.  I just remember some dark days where my siblings and I walked around on egg shells in order not to disturb the delicate balance in our household.  Speaking of delicate balance, the hormones are delicately balanced no matter what stage of life you’re in.   A hormonal imbalance often makes it self known on the surface of the skin.  Women who never had acne in their teens may find that they do in their 40s and 50s.  Some women who had supple, hydrated skin in their early years find that their skin is suddenly dry and flaky while others who had dry skin find that theirs is unseasonably oil.  Regardless of where you fall on the scale it’s frustrating.

At Kari Gran we suggest taking a good look at your labels.  Many cosmetic and skincare companies pack their products with nasty chemicals (parabens) to preserve their products on the shelf.  While oarabens are good for the products longevity  that can effect he hormones adversely.  Just as you look at the labels on the food you eat so should you with what you put on your skin.  A good question to ask yourself before putting anything on your skin is “would I eat it?”  If the answer is no then don’t feed it to your skin.  During this time of menopause skin it is important that you use only natural ingredients, treating your face and all of your skin as if it were a new born. Like baby skin, Menopause skin is sensitive and delicate.  Be sure to be kind to your skin at every turn and use only those products that are healthy, all natural and safe.  Remember, no matter your age, your skin is the window to your health–stay healthy and stay beautiful.




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