August 01, 2013 Sally Bjornsen


A Menopause Movie, Who Knew?  It looks hilarious!

O.K. this is rich.  The Movie is called The Hot Flashes and it stars some pretty famous women. I am the first to admit that the menopause topic is rife with material but really? Well, there’s a market.  Over 50 million women are currently facing menopause in North America. That’s a lot of movie goers who the studios want to attract.

The movie  features a cast of dynamic women who may change the way we ultimately view middle age. Brooke Shields, Wanda Sykes, Daryl Hannah, Virginia Madsen and Camryn Manheim play former basketball champs who take on a high school team to raise money for cancer awareness. The movie challenges not only stereotypes about gender, but about menopause itself, a topic that all too often has gone underground and been misunderstood. The movie is from  director Susan Seidelman’s  who also directed Desperately Seeking Susan and the very first episode of Sex In The City.  

Directed by Susan Seidelman; written by Brad Hennig; director of photography, Frank G. DeMarco; edited by Keiko Deguchi; music by Marcelo Zarvos; production design by Cecil Gentry; costumes by Caroline B. Marx; produced by Nina Henderson Moore, Mr. Hennig and Ms. Seidelman; released by Vertical Entertainment. Running time: 1 hour 39 minutes.

WITH: Brooke Shields (Beth Humphrey), Daryl Hannah (Ginger Peabody), Virginia Madsen (Clementine Winks), Camryn Manheim (Roxie Rosales), Wanda Sykes (Florine Clarkston), Mark Povinelli (Paul), Jessica Rothenberg (Millie Rash), Charlotte Graham (Jocelyn Humphrey), Robin Roberts (Herself), Andrea Frankle (Kayla Rash) and Eric Roberts (Laurence Humphrey).

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