July 24, 2014 Kari Gran


One of the most important beauty rules: set your skin up for success by always wearing sunscreen. The sun’s rays can do some serious damage, so make sure to have protection on before walking out the door, even on cloudy days.

But, also be smart and pay attention to what exactly you’re putting on your skin. Many mainstream sun blockers contain ingredients I would classify in the “avoid” category, a common one being oxybenzone, which absorbs into your bloodstream and acts as an estrogen.

Instead, go for all natural options, which use naturally found sun blocking ingredients like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. Here are a few of my favorite natural sunscreens:

  • Sunology: I like that it’s super concentrated so a little goes a long way – too much, and you’ll be a bit shiny for the day. One thing I love to do is mix a tiny scoop of my Mineral Foundation with the sunscreen, then rub it together in my hands to create a tinted sunblock. It’s an SPF 50 and goes on pretty white, so if I’m mixing it with the Mineral Foundation I opt for a shade darker to combat the white.  http://www.sunology.com/spf-50-for-face/

And, when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a simple, classic beach hat for extra beach protection. This one folds up in my suitcase and goes everywhere with me!




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