January 13, 2014 Sally Bjornsen


One of the best compliments anyone can receive is from a child.  Most are free with their complaints and stingy with the praise.  Just try to feed a wee one a food they detest and, no matter how long you labored over the meal, they will verbally (yuck!) and viscerally (full body shudder) react.  They like what they like and what they don’t like, they abhor.   

I’ve often thought that Kari Gran skin care products smell wonderful.  I use the Cleansing Oil,   Lavender Hydrating Tonic (rose is also available), andEssential Serum every day and my husband loves the scent too.  But I now have proof positive that Kari Gran skin care is a winner in the scent department.  My four-year-old son said, “Mama, you smell so good!” the other night, after I had cleansed and moisturized my face. I then noticed he was picking up all the Kari Gran bottles and smelling them, inhaling deeply.  It is one of those cute and adorable moments you want to bathe in as you know such lovely moments will not last forever. 

 No, a sample size of one four-year-old is not a scientific study.  And no, the essential oils in Kari Gran products will not improve his I.Q.  For me, it is nice to know that my little son finds happiness is what has become my evening ritual.  Heck, I’ve even caught my two-year-old grinning and waiting for me to “midst” him with the Lavender Hydrating Tonic.  It’s like puppies running when they hear the food container open.  My boys know when I’m about to cleanse my face and they want to soak up the scents.




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