May 30, 2014 Kari Gran


I’ve been having a love affair with oil for a while now. Which is why, when “oil pulling” popped up on my radar I didn’t instantly recoil the way I expect many people did.

If you somehow missed the recent oil pulling hoopla, Wellness Mama sums it up here. In a nutshell, it involves swishing a vegetable based oil in your mouth for 20 minutes on a regular basis and spitting it out, all in the name of health benefits.

I love oil. I dream about oil. I think of ways different oils will work together. I buy luxurious oils in bulk, and as you all know, I cleanse and pamper my face with Mother Nature’s most essential oils every single night. Naturally, I didn’t shy away from an opportunity to see what other wonders could result when oil, health and beauty mix.

Oil pulling operates under the same “like attracts like” principle that makes the Kari Gran skin care system work like magic, gently attracting the grime without stripping the good. It has purportedly been around for thousands of years, and with Gwyneth Paltrow doing it, it has to be legit, right?

I can’t say for sure. What I can tell you, however, is that my gag reflex is in working order. Though I’ve done the oil pulling routine off and on over the past year, you never completely get accustomed to popping a giant glob into your mouth. For my own experimenting, I’ve always opted for organic coconut oil in solid form. Unless you like the thought of a heap of Crisco’s cousin melting on your tongue, I highly recommend heating the oil before putting it in your mouth. The melted oil is a much more pleasant experience and greatly minimizes the gag factor.

Oil pulling devotees will quickly cite the benefits of this recommended daily ritual, which is primarily to improve oral health by drawing out toxins and breaking up plaque. Other reviews have claimed a laundry list of benefits, from a skin enhancer to aiding with hormone imbalances. I haven’t given it enough of a whirl to go out on a limb and back any specific claims, but there is one benefit I’m a believer in: whiter teeth. And it’s not a shocking DayGlo white, but a subtle, pearly, I’m-going-to-make-my-dentist-proud-on-my-next-visit white.

My final verdict: on the fence. I’m still considering what to do with this treatment. While I do love the whitening results, and am clearly a believer in the principle of the treatment, a mouthful of coconut oil every morning may be biting off a little more than I can swish.




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