SEPTEMBER 08, 2014

September 08, 2014


To celebrate our Kari Gran Mineral Makeup, we hosted a big party this summer led by an off-the-cuff panel discussing women’s leadership in the business world. On the hot seat were Seattle Chocolate Co. CEO Jean Thompson, Zovo Lingerie co-founder Victoria Roberts and our very own co-founders, Kari and Lisa.

It was an exhilarating hour, listening to how these women got their start, what gets them out of bed every morning, what makes them cheer, what makes them cringe and how they attempt to “have it all.” Here are five great takeaways:

1. Own your dream When starting the company (bearing her own name nonetheless), Kari hit a breaking point. For one split second, she questioned whether she was worthy of having something of her own, worthy of sharing her passion with the world. Being the bold, inspired woman she is, Kari changed her point of view and instead said, “Why not me? I deserve this just as much as anyone else.”

2. Bring in the pros Kari is the beauty guru, Lisa is the business maven, and they leave the rest up to the best, wrangling in top vendors and consultants in their respective fields. All of the panelists agreed that one of the best things you can do for your company is hire talent, whether internal or external. Hiring people smarter and more knowledgeable than you helps grow the company. Know what you don’t know, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

3. Know your audience Who is your target consumer? Who do you want purchasing, sharing and talking about your product? Although it seems like selling low or discounting will help boost awareness and purchases, all of the business women agree that you need to cater strictly to your target audience. Don’t ever adjust price points or quality to appease the masses.

4. Be willing to accept failure If an idea or product flops, don’t be discouraged. Take every failure as a lesson, pat yourself on the back for trying and move on all the wiser.

5. Make a difference and get inspired As business owners, finding ways to make a difference (even a small one) ranked high for our panelists. Jean from Seattle Chocolate Co. and jcoco (their new luxe chocolate brand) revealed her most satisfying aspect of work is volunteering and giving. Through the company’s philanthropic efforts, Seattle Chocolate Co. donates to food banks across the country. For the Kari Gran team, the philanthropy of choice is WonderWork, which provides miracle surgery’s to children across the globe. In fact, the night of the event Kari Gran donated 100% of sales to the organization, giving every penny of $2,650 to the cause!

Thank you to all the fantastic panelists for participating and sharing their insights on how to conquer the business world, one Lip Whip, lingerie or chocolate bar at a time.

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