March 18, 2014 Sally Bjornsen


Kari Gran sat down with Jen Boulden of JenBTV, the light green lifestyle advocate and proud owner of JenBTV, to discuss the inspiration for the all natural, paraben free Kari Gran skin care line.

 Now here’s a little bit more about our friend Jen and what she’s up to.

Jen’s Philosophy on “Light Green Living”

It’s about making better choices for your health and the planet, within reason. It’s being intelligent about the choices we make, but not sweating the small stuff. With a little ingenuity and our life-tested ideas, we’ll show you that it is easier than you think to make a big impact, and how fun and addictive light green living can be.

Jen and co. give a percentage of our earnings (from advertising dollars) to nonprofit organizations that are making a difference.

What is JenB TV all about?
Of course you lack time to wrap your head around it all. No worries. We do the research and then bring you just the best-of-the-best ideas, resources and tips. We are your go-to for everything light green— powerful information, smart dialogue, and real action. We offer an entertaining and educational weekly web show, small but mighty action-oriented articles, and a vibrant community who will be over-joyed you are joining us.




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