Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning

April 09, 2019

organized closet with bag, clothes

If you’re looking for some inspiration to dig in to Spring Cleaning, check out her Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” 

No doubt you’ve already heard of Marie Kondo, an expert in Kon Mari, the Japanese philosophy of organization.  She’s on a mission to “spark joy” in the world by showing us how to create a home that feels personal, inviting and tranquil. 

Room by room, and task by task, she happily guides different families into tackling projects that seem overwhelming.

Granted, her method is more about organizing techniques rather than cleaning, but before you can clean, you must declutter!  It’s all about getting rid of extraneous stuff so you can have a freer, happier, lighter life.  More is not better in Marie’s world.

She reminds me of a pint-sized Mary Poppins, floating in to help people tidy their space, and uncover the joy beneath all their stuff.  She’s downright giddy when confronted with piles and piles of stuff, clapping her hands and squealing “I love mess!” 

I love the moment of silent pause she takes to introduce herself to each house she visits.   She believes it’s important to have a clear image of the lifestyle you want after you finish tidying and to communicate that to your space before you begin.


A few highlights of Marie’s method.

  • Clothing - take everything out and create one big pile to see how much you actually have & sort through it piece by piece. Seeing it all together allows you to decide what you really want to keep.
  • Ask yourself “is this something I really want to bring into my future?” If not, let it go with a moment of thanks for its use in your life.
  • Stack items vertically into boxes; this keeps items visible, rather than being buried under a pile. Store small items in smaller boxes that fit inside a bigger box.  (It’s pretty clear she’s never met a box she doesn’t like.)


I promise you’ll be charmed, entertained and inspired by this show.  And it just might give you the jump start you need to tackle your Spring Cleaning. 

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