January 09, 2015 Kari Gran


Here we go! If you followed our earlier blog post, we’re embarking on “2015: A Dozen Little Things” – our own little self-challenge program in which we adopt one small new positive habit each month throughout the year. We hope you’ll come along with us and keep one another encouraged as we go!

Our first Little Thing of the Month is: washing your face every day.

Yes, all of us strive to do it! No, we don’t always stick to it. Life is busy, the days get long, and oh…is that a fluffy pillow I see over there? We get it.  When we’re really tired, finding energy to wash our face is like getting excited to vacuum, yet it’s oh-so-important – it’s a daily goal we’re embracing for January and from here on out. Plus, what better way to wash away any lingering last year blahs than to commit to a daily new cleansing routine? It’s common knowledge that washing your face is good for you. However, how many of us actually sit down and take the time to think about why it’s good for us? Yes, it takes off dirt. Yes, it’s more sanitary. But there are a lot of reasons to cleanse that go beyond surface level – both figuratively and literally.

First, let’s go over what happens when you do wash your face. Aside from leaving you with fresh clean skin, washing your face breaks through the surface tension of your skin, pulling up unwanted build-up that can’t be removed with a basic cleansing wipe. When you wash your face, you remove not only dirt, but also makeup that can stubbornly cling to skin and hide in pores.

What about not washing your face? Makeup left on for extended periods severely dries out and exhausts skin, so the more you skip your cleansing regimen, the more sensitive your skin becomes from makeup residue. Specifically, makeup residue builds up overnight. If you sleep in your makeup, it transfers onto your bedding. The next night, that makeup residue will be there for a little meet and greet with your face. I know recycling is good for the environment, but recycling your used makeup? Yeah, not so much. When you skip a wash, you invite unwanted dirt, makeup, residue, etc. to invade your precious skin.

Finally, one of the most important things to me is answering the question, “why should I pay attention to the type of face wash I use?” This is crucial because chemical-filled “stripping” cleansers, though promoted to be combative towards unwanted breakouts, often only combat your own skin by drying it out and inviting it to secrete even more oil to compensate. Using a cleanser that is detrimental to your skin defeats the purpose of washing it in the first place.

Of course, being who I am, I’m going to shamelessly plug our Kari Gran Cleansing Oil as your ultimate daily cleaner. It is made entirely of all natural ingredients, and works through the principal that like attracts like. The oil cleanser will pull the “bad” oils and grime from your skin while still leaving it supple and balanced. Plus, it smells dreamy and you steam if off with a hot washcloth, so it’s like a mini trip to the spa. And who wouldn’t want that every night before you count your sheep?

So, with all that said, my challenge to myself and to you, is to wash your face every day this month, no matter what. As an extra incentive to keep to this healthy habit, I am going to be giving away the Kari Gran Skin Care System and a set of 3 organic bamboo washcloths to one lucky winner! Enter below or on our Facebook page!

Pretty soon, it will just become second nature and we wouldn’t think to skip a day – leaving us ready to take on the next contender of a dozen little things challenge come February…

Until then, keep it clean!





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