November 03, 2017 Kari Gran


Looking at our skin care system on the bathroom counter not long ago, we had a lightbulb moment. Why not take our eco-luxe treatment to the next step - to the tub? And voila, Kari Gran’s new bath soak was born.

Kari Gran’s Bath Soak is a treat for your whole body, like a pampering visit to a spa.

The bath salts and oils are packaged separately to ensure maximum freshness of the aromatic essential oil.

The Bath Soak is a beautiful blend of mineral-rich Magnesium Flakes and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, which gives the product a whispery blush hue. The Bath Oil comes in a clever little dropper to measure out the dropperfuls to add to the Bath Soak allowing for a tailored sensory experience. 

Together, they add an indulgent silky texture and dreamy scent to your bath, thanks to Organic Bulgarian Lavender, Organic Jojoba Oil, and non-GMO Vitamin E derived from Sunflowers. These aromatic plant and essential oils also add an extra hydrating boost to leave skin nourished. 

When you’re ready for a relaxing, tranquil escape, draw a warm bath. We recommend pouring two capfuls of the Bath Soak crystals into the running water, followed by five full droppers of the Bath Oil (full droppers, not drops). Both will dissolve quickly and infuse your bath with a boost of hydration and a light lavender scent.

The fun part? You can customize how much of each of the soaking salts and bath oil you wish to use. Then, just lie back, breathe deeply, clear your mind and float away.  A comforting bath is the ultimate “me time.”

The Bath Soak is packaged in the same Kari Gran signature sleek black MIRON glass as the rest of the Kari Gran line, making it a pleasure to display in your bathroom. The set includes a 400ml jar of Bath Soak and 15 ml bottle of Bath Oil for $58.00 – enough for six sumptuous baths.

The Bath Soak is ready for gift-giving, tucked into a reusable jute bag wrapped in a glossy black satin bow. It’s a gift that fits just about anybody – no worries if it’s the right size or color.

Treat yourself or someone you love to the gift of a luxurious bath.




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