October 03, 2013 Sally Bjornsen


“Hydrate your skin naturally to replenish lost moisture” say the experts, as if we know what that means. Those words are empty without any context, right? It doesn’t mean drinking yourself silly with water or lathering your face with expensive moisturizer that requires you to remortgage your house. It means thinking of hydration as a holistic concept and living your life with your skin in mind. When you go skiing think about how you are going to protect your skin from the elements and then how you are going to hydrate your body with liquids. The skin is an organ and responds to what you put in it and on it. So pay attention.

We all know that the winter season can be brutal on the skin. Cold, dry temperatures can mean low humidity which translates into dry flaky skin. Dry skin looks dull and lacks lustre. Hydration is important as it makes for a healthy functioning of the system and gives a boost to youthful-looking skin. 

Skin can be hydrated in a few ways – internally by drinking an adequate amount of water, by eating a diet full diet chock full of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, taking oil supplements, and externally, by using products that hydrate and moisturize the skin (we recommend cleansing with Kari Gran Cleansing Oil and moisturizing with Kari Gran Essential Serum mixed with hydrating tonic). Kari recommends following the three-step skincare formula daily and recommends keeping a good sunscreen handy.

Kari’s other winter skincare tips are:

  • Avoid antibacterial soaps, alcohol-based toners, wipes or colognes. Avoid stepping into the hot and strong sun as it evaporates the trans-epidermal water and makes skin dry. Also avoid stepping out in extremely cool and windy weather.
  • Consumption of right nutrients is also key for healthy skin.  So invite those leafy greens into the diet as much as possible—the results will show in your skin.
  • Attention should be paid to consuming supplements of vitamins A, C and E, and minerals such as selenium and zinc. They have antioxidant properties, which repair the skin and promote skin healing.
  • Essential fatty acids also have a beneficial effect on skin as they help combat moisture loss that would otherwise cause dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles.




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