December 19, 2013 Sally Bjornsen


Homemade Facial Mask for Mature Skin? Time to get out your measuring spoons. Let’s face it, mature skin needs moisture to look youthful and radiant. As we age we lose fat, good news or bad news you ask?  Well, Lipid loss (that’s a fancy word for fat) can result in drying skin as we age.  Collagen production slows down and elastic tissue loses it’s elasticity .  All of this leaves us looking older and searching for treatments for mature skin.  In my quest to find a homemade mask for mature skin, I tried a few different homemade concoctions – some worked, others did not. 

I found this homemade mask for mature skin on  It’s simple, it’s affordable and it works.  If you are used to a store bought facial mask, please know this one is a bit odd to apply.  Getting used to the consistency of a homemade facial mask takes time as the “product” is not a smooth consistency.  (And it may generate questions from your four-year-old son if he sees you walking around the house with oatmeal and honey smeared on your face.)

 For this mask you will need:

2 TBSP of juice from an orange

½ TSP honey

4 TBSP oatmeal

Mix these together and apply it on cleansed face skin, neck and cleavage.

Keep it on your face for 20 minutes.

Rinse it out gently with warm water.

I follow with Kari Gran’s Hydrating Tonic and Essential Serum.  A once a week application of this mature skin mask will give your skin an added moisture boost without a heaving impact on your wallet. 




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