February 18, 2012 Kari Gran


Herkimer Diamond Earrings from the environmentally friendly jewelry company—live beautiful are at the top of my list of favorite things this spring.  Herkimer diamond earrings, unlike their expensive, often unethical counterparts, offer a similar sparkle and clarity to diamonds. The stones are extracted from the fields of an Amish farm in Upstate New York.

live beautiful is a jewelry company, dedicated to making gorgeous, contemporary jewelry with heart, focused on creating unique, handcrafted, and quality products with a conscience.  Working mostly with ethical and recycled materials sourced from small suppliers means that ‘live beautiful.’ pieces are thoughtful and sustainable. As well, almost all of their packaging and marketing items are made from recycled sources. What’s not to love?

On top of being an environmentally conscious company the brand is owned and operated by another best friend duo Laura Hart and Alison Nasmith (Kekewich).  Check out the Herkimer diamond earrings and many other stunning pieces at www.livebeautifultoronto.com.

For those of you who want more information about Herkimer diamonds here’s the scoop brought to you from wikipedia:

Herkimer diamond is a generic name for a double-terminated quartz crystal discovered within exposed outcrops of dolostone in and around Herkimer County, New York and theMohawk River Valley. Because the first discovery sites were in the village of Middleville and in the city of Little Falls, respectively, the crystal is also known as a Middleville diamond or a Little Falls diamond.[1]

Herkimer diamonds became largely recognized after workmen discovered them in large quantities while cutting into the Mohawk River Valley dolostone in the late 18th century. Geologists discovered exposed dolostone in Herkimer County and began mining there. The popularity of mining for double-terminated quartz in the Herkimer County outcroppings is what led to the name, Herkimer diamonds. Currently, Herkimer diamonds can be found in large quantity in at least Herkimer, Fulton, and Montgomery counties, and double-pointed quartz crystals have also been found in abundance in Tibet and Afghanistan, as well as in other countries.

To read more click here: Herkimer Diamonds.




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