December 01, 2014 Amanda


*Guest post by Macks Mo, a health community designed to give you the tools required to get the most out of YOUR life. Whatever that looks like. Fitness, nutrition and community to support your journey. Kari Gran is participating in Macks Mo’s holiday helper series, available here: Holiday Helpers.*

I clearly remember ringing in the start of 2014, recounting with Regan how fast 2013 went and looking ahead on the upcoming year with excitement. Then I blinked and now it’s December. The holidays are just around the corner and my calendar is starting to get super busy. Sound familiar?

It’s times like these that I am especially grateful for the healthy living practices I’ve been putting into place all year-long. The meal-planning that translates into wallet-saving grocery shopping; the consistency + variety of movement that makes my body feel good; the meditation, visualization + morning wake-up and evening wind-down routines, along with the constant practice of slowing down and tuning in to my intuition. Although they’re each small pieces themselves, they all add up to more energy, less stress, higher productivity, more time for things & people I love, and quite frankly, a happier + healthier Whitney.

But what’s been even more eye-opening for me in 2014 is the realization of how much I was taking the impact of these small practices for granted and how much of a difference they really DO make. I’m going to tell you a little secret: I didn’t expect to get pregnant…so quick. When Regan and I decided we were “ready,” I think we both figured it’d take some little time and that we’d be able to adjust to the “idea” before it actually happened. God apparently had a different plan and in what seemed like literal moments later, I had a positive pregnancy stick in my hand.

I’m not going to lie. The first trimester rocked my world — that is, the world in where I have “control” over my body, my energy levels, my creative spark and my ability to “do” things. I suddenly had none of those things and only my intuition and habits to fall back on. And can I say, THANK. GOD. I’ll touch more on all this in a different blog post, but when I was finally able to come up for air from this new phase, I was able to see so clearly how fundamentally important it is to have healthy habits in place. Practices we do on a daily basis to improve our well-being because we want to feel good in our own skin. What we do on a daily basis MATTERS because it sews the seeds for our future well-being + happiness.

In truth, there’s really nothing in life we can control. We have to learn to roll with the punches, navigate the busy and know that regardless of the season, work deadline or number of events on our calendar – we have a plan + practices in place that allow us to feel good, look good and thrive on a daily basis.

And that, my friends, is why I created Holiday Helpers, a free 2-week series designed to help you do just that – feel awesome in your own skin on a daily basis. To give you the tools needed to create a plan that build habits to help you navigate the looming business of the fast-approaching holidays. Because you deserve — no, you owe it to yourself — to thrive. And it’s my passion to bring that to you before the holidays start.

Sign-ups are happening right now over at our website [click here for details + to get on board]. The series includes 5 recipes, 2 workouts [complete with exercise video tutorials] and 14 days of tips + tools you can fall back on to have a thriving holiday season and beyond. By the way, did I mention it’s free?!

– Whitney at Macks Mo




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