MAY 18, 2015

May 18, 2015


In this month of spring cleaning I have been thinking about the products I use to clean and garden with. Forget about reading ingredients, it’s seriously all greek to me.  On that note I have discovered a few natural remedies for gardening that I would like to pass along.

First off,  I am fair weather gardener. Every year, when the rains stop and clouds clear, I head out to the yard to see what’s what. The weeds never fail to exasperate me as they have their way with our garden and pavers. Stubborn, deep and plentiful, pulling them out one by one is next to impossible. Years ago, before I knew better, I sprayed Roundup with reckless abandon to obliterate nasty weeds. But now, having changed my ways, I no longer resort to toxic chemicals to destroy the things I find pesky in the yard. Instead, I have tried to turn to safer, cleaner methods to discourage weeds from growing — vinegar, salt, soap, water.

I mostly use the vinegar concoction on my pavers and the sidewalk, it works wonders without endangering my flowers or plants. But if you are spraying into the garden you will want to read more about the pros and cons. Check out what my favorite “green gardener site” called The Garden Counselor has to say about safe garden use here.

I would love to hear if any of you have any good ideas for DIY  gardening advise.  In the meantime,  good luck with your own spring cleaning efforts!

— Sally

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