Gratitude Abounds

November 19, 2018

quote "joy is the simplest form of gratitude" by karl barth

Just like our customer reviews, the comments from Kari Gran HQ below are entirely unedited. 

“I’m grateful that eight years ago, Lisa persuaded me to take this “hobby” of mine to the world.

I’d still be making lip whips and potions in my home kitchen without her support and vision of what Kari Gran could become.

Kari Gran, Co-Founder

“I am grateful for the little wins I see around me.

I am grateful for the young women who are taking the plunge into politics.

I am also very grateful that I bought big-girl panties for my old incontinent dog, Maggie as they make her and me very happy.”

Lisa Strain, Co-Founder

“I am grateful to see the world fresh, through the eyes of my three-year-old. I am grateful for new life coming my way. I am grateful for traditions that weave a consistent, warming thread through our lives.”

Rachel Aiken, Operations

“I’m thankful for God giving me a good health and a happy family. I’m thankful for god giving Ethiopia a new prime minister who brings peace & love to the nation & its people.”

Tarik, Production

“I'm grateful for the opportunity to work for Kari Gran even though I live in NYC! Also, grateful for having an easygoing, easy to live with roommate. Makes life much more pleasant and peaceful.”

Suji Strain-Kokich, Marketing

“I’m forever grateful for my family who puts the “Fun” in dysfunction.  I appreciate any opportunity to laugh these days.  Also, it’s great when your family finds your humor hysterical and vice versa.”

Jenny, Shipping

“God, thanks for giving me wisdom, bliss, and blessed me with lovely family and for all the good that has happened in my life.”

Kebebush, Production

All of us at Kari Gran are grateful for our intrepid partners in shipping, Erwin (USPS) and Brett (UPS) who deliver smiles along with excellent service while they handle the many, many packages we give them each day.

“I’m grateful for three years of sobriety.   I’m especially thankful for my friends and family who helped lead me out of a very dark place into a life that’s filled with light and joy.  I didn’t see how life could be any fun without champagne.  I’ve never been happier to be wrong.”

Sue, Blogger, Elf of all Trades

“I’m thankful for God giving me the chance to come to America and change mine and my family’s life. I’m thankful for the wonderful co-workers I have.”

Menalu, Production

Finally, and this is important:  we don’t consider ourselves to be gushy types, but from the heart, we want to give our amazing customers a big shout-out!   Thank you to the people who’ve been with us since the early days, and to the person who just bought their first lip whip yesterday. 

We are so grateful for your trust, your reviews (glowing and otherwise), and your business. We appreciate every one of you.

Wishing each of you a warm, joyful, happy Thanksgiving this year!  


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