DECEMBER 17, 2014

December 17, 2014


Picture this (and we’re sure you’ve seen it with your own eyes too!): Christmas morning. All the presents unwrapped. A huge garbage bag stuffed with shiny red and green wrapping paper and sparkly bows. And unfortunately, most of that wrapping paper is never recycled.

So, when wrapping presents this year, keep Mother Earth in your thoughts – there are lots of gorgeous wrapping options that will impress your gift recipient and Al Gore alike.

From your friendly eco-chic loving Kari Gran team, here’s a few ideas to try if you’re feeling a little Martha, and if you have little ones who need a craft project…well, by all means!

Tea Towels: Wine is the mega-popular hostess gift, and it’s usually complete with a last-minute wine bag purchase. An alternative? A beautiful tea towel. Collect decorative tea towels throughout the year when you see these little lovelies calling your name, and keep them on a hand for insta-chic and eco-friendly wine bottle gift wrap. Simply pull up the four corners of the towel around the bottle and fasten with a beautiful ribbon. Bonus points: it’s a two-in-one gift!

Boxes Only: When the sales person asks you if you want a gift box, always say yes. Then don’t go overboard by feeling the need to wrap the box, thus wasting more packaging. Colored jute ribbon wrapped around a box is a simple, beautiful statement.

Fresh Gift Tags: Instead of paper gift tags, for extra dazzle, use a fresh leaf instead. Simply scrawl the recipient’s name in gold or silver pen and tuck the leaf into the ribbon.

Paper Grocery Bags: Despite hauling around reusable totes, most of us still have a notable stash of paper grocery bags hanging around. Cut these up for some DIY wrapping paper by decorating the exterior with simple stamps. A pencil eraser dipped in white paint makes a super easy and chic polka dot motif. Wrap your gift, and tie it off with some twine and a pine tree sprig for extra eco-oomph.

Newspaper: Remember when our moms wrapped all our friends’ birthday presents in the funnies? They were on to something and its back in style. Especially if you have a super-duper-large-over-the-top toy box you need to get under wraps without going through a role of butcher paper, your Sunday paper + a big red bow is the answer. Little ones will love tearing through the colorful wrapping to get to their toys.

Do you have any other creative DIY/eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas? Please share!

–  Kari and Lisa


Photo Credit: Jasmine Dowling.

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