January 17, 2014 Sally Bjornsen


One of my friends, Beth, is what I refer to as The Great Uniter at a dinner party.  She’s the one who halts the three or four different side bar conversations and lures them back to one, cohesive group conversation.  This January, with a ding of her glass and an assertive, “Hey, everyone.  I have a question for the group,” Beth asked, “What’s everyone’s word of the year?”  

Beth explained that she has a New Year’s Word each year and asked us all to consider what ours might be.  This is not, I repeat not a New Year’s resolution.  It is more of a personal motif or theme for the year.  A word that guides or inspires you.  Little did I know there are whole websites dedicated to this new spin on New Year’s resolutions.   

One guest’s New Year’s word is prosperity which she defines as having enough wealth to find time to enjoy her family, but not riches.  Basically, to get her head above water.  Another person said her word for last year was survival.  Seems bleak but given her past year of change, it was realistic and achievable.   

The first word that popped into my brain when the question is posed is fun.  Have fun on this mommy adventure with a four and two-year-old.  Have more fun and do less of what I think my words should be:  organized, efficient or scheduled.  Fun means NOT vacuuming the carpet but getting down on all fours and playing with my two-year-old in the same carpet that really should be vacuumed.  Fun is forgoing the formal dinner party in lieu of a kids’ pizza making party.  Fun is putting down my computer or iPhone and being present for my children’s childhood.  It won’t be here forever, so let’s have some fun.




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