October 18, 2013 Sally Bjornsen


I recently stumbled upon Fumiko Takatsu’s Face Yoga Method website and found some wonderful videos that you readers will no doubt find helpful or at the very least entertaining. Facial contortions aside, people swear by her method and claim results. It is a great compliment to the Kari Gran simple three part system.

 Face Yoga Method uses conventional approaches – muscle exercises, stretching and visualization – to naturally tighten, tone and brighten the face.  Since she introduced Face Yoga in Japan, she has become a best-selling book author, graced almost 100 Japanese magazines, was featured on multiple TV shows, worked as a corporate sponsor for several major brands, and trained 7 Face Yoga-certified teachers.

Fumiko survived what could’ve been a fatal car crash that significantly altered and aged her face. She developed Face Yoga as her own “medicine.” Fumiko was an American-educated academic living in Japan, teaching English. At 36, while vacationing in California, she was riding in the passenger’s seat of a car that got hit at high speed. The impact caused her hip, shoulder, and head to be thrown off-kilter.

“I remember experiencing the shock of a lifetime when I got my driver’s license photo taken after the crash and observed my asymmetrical face. It was difficult to look at myself.  I panicked. I started to buy expensive facial creams, lotions and treatments, but none were helping me look young again,” she says.

One day, standing in front of the mirror Fukimo realized that if she exercised her body muscles, she should be able to do the same for her face. That’s when Face Yoga Method was born.  After practicing facial exercises for several weeks, people started commenting on her results. They said she looked younger and more aligned, and wanted to learn how to tone their faces too.

Eventually, she wrote a book, which became a national bestseller in Japan. She realized there’s a great need for Face Yoga.  Fumiko’s site is filled with resources, encouragement and support, check it out!




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