Ethiopia is in Crisis

January 13, 2022

women in Ethiopia walking

Ethiopia is the beloved homeland of our entire production team, the women who make by hand each and every product you’ve come to love from us.  While they are personally safe and thriving as new American citizens here in Seattle, their family, friends and fellow countrymen at home in Ethiopia are not.

Ethiopia is facing unimaginable turmoil.  The pandemic has doubled the number of people in need there, a crisis enough to endure.  As it rages on, Ethiopia is also being torn apart by a brutal civil war, suffering extreme effects of climate change, and dealing with the biggest locust outbreak in living memory.  All of this has driven up the number of people in need to the second highest country in the world. 

We want to help.  And we bet you do, too.

Today and tomorrow, we will donate all profits to Global Giving, a non-profit that gives money to grassroots organizations on the ground in Ethiopia.  We chose them because we know meaningful change comes from directly supporting local efforts

So, let’s do this together —let’s stand for good as we kick off the new year.

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