December 21, 2015 Kari Gran


I love small finds that I want to share with friends. Here are a few of my favorites that won’t break the bank for the holiday season:


Josh Rosebrook

Cannot sing the praises of this shampoo/conditioner duo enough! Nourish does exactly what it says for those of us with dry, parched hair.  Smells amazing and feels super luxe. 


Loo Hoo Dryer Balls

These soft little beauties make my clothes soft and static free without any of the nasty stuff that come with conventional dryer sheets. Plus, there’s nothing to throw away after your laundry is dry. I really love the cream ones, they make doing laundry just a little bit more fun.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 10.13.11 AM

Eat Pretty

I had the good fortune of collaborating with a Green Beauty Guru I’ve long admired, Jolene Hart, on a special edition Lip Whip. I think Jolene’s book Eat Pretty is a must read. People, what you eat matters— it’s all about the big picture. I know if I overload on sugar one day, the next day my skin is going to let me know, and  it’s not pretty! 

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 10.14.26 AM

SW Basics

This is a great line that you find in most Target stores! There are many mini sizes to choose from, I really like the body scrub. This time of year, the dry weather doesn’t do my already dry skin any favors.



I was recently introduced to this line by Jolene Hart. I love baths and anything that I can add to the water that transports me to a spa experience is a bonus. The first line on the back of the package: “this soak is no joke” and they weren’t kidding. I think a steady supply of these baths will get me through the holiday season as a sane person.


Jolene and Shimmer Lip Whip Duo

Now for a little shameless self-promotion. I have always loved a product that does more than it’s fair share of tasks and our holiday duo with Jolene and Shimmer will not disappoint. Jolene adds a festive pop of wearable fuchsia, our take on a holiday lip and if you add a little Shimmer to the mix, you have the most beautiful champagne, rose shade ever. Both work on the lip or cheek as well so wear them alone, blend them or highlight your cheeks. Lovely.

Have some favorite clean, green stocking stuffers? Share them in the comments below!




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