May 01, 2017

What Cameron Diaz taught me about aging, beauty and wellness: Colleen Wachob

This article was shared with permission from Mind Body Green as part of an empowerment campaign, “Wear Yourself In,” led by eco-luxe skin care company Kari Gran. In response to the beauty industry pushing an impossible idea of flawless youth for years, the campaign encourages women to be kind to themselves, and their skin, as they reflect on beauty, aging, wisdom, and self-acceptance.


When I heard Cameron Diaz speak at an intimate gathering of meditators, I was blown away by her passion and knowledge of the science of aging. Since then, I've been waiting for her second book, The Longevity Book, and was thrilled to get my hands on an early copy.

Cameron’s first tome, The Body Book, was a primer for how to eat and move for total wellness, with a blend of science and holistic health. So what motivated this second book? When she was peppered with nonstop questions about her age on the eve of turning 40, Cameron realized just how scared society is of (and ill-prepared for) the aging process. Especially when it comes to women.

But as she reached her 40s, Cameron still looked and felt pretty good—and was more focused on a midlife celebration than a midlife crisis.

So she wrote The Longevity Book for a slightly older woman than The Body Book. Whether you’ve found the first gray hair (or a hair in an unexpected place), are going through menopause, or are easing into your 70s, the book will empower you, help you understand what's going on in your body, and inspire you to live a healthier life.

Read on for the 11 ways The Longevity Book enlightened and inspired me.





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