July 11, 2014 Kari Gran


Once reserved for green-loving hippies, earthy spas and the uber-health conscious consumer, mineral makeup is having its moment among mainstream consumers as women snap it up for its “newfound” health and beauty benefits. In social media terms: #mineralmakeup #hot #trending.

Newfound. I say this because many of us (moi included) have long known about and embraced the brilliance of mineral makeup, though it certainly wasn’t par for the course. In the last few years though, I’ve seen a dramatic shift in the beauty industry as mineral makeup products continue to multiply like bunnies. Today, they take up a notable swath of shelf space in shee-shee apothecaries and suburban drugstores alike.

Personally, I want the trend to stay. I have been using mineral makeup for many years and love it as much as I did on day one – as a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, for me to stick with any product longer than a hot minute is a really. big. deal. The benefits are many, the results are flawless.

I love it so much I created my own simple line of all natural mineral makeup, and am eager to share my insights about this beauty gem. So, whether you’re a long-time devotee, mineral newbie or just dipping your toe (brush?) in, here are some key things to know about mineral makeup to put your best face forward:

  • What is in mineral makeup?

A pure mineral makeup is typically made with a combination of Titanium Dioxide (applauded as a natural sunblocker), Zinc Oxide (used as white pigment and also for sunblock), mica (shimmery stuff for glow) and Iron Oxides (gives it color).

But, buyer beware! Now that the major cosmetic companies have jumped on the bandwagon, many mineral makeup products are compromised in the name of profit. Ingredients to avoid are Bismuth Oxychloride (a common skin irritant), talc and cornstarch (drying to the skin), and parabens (linked to cancer and other bad things). None of these additives provide function other than to preserve and stretch the product further. So not only are you paying more for less pure product, you’re also applying unnecessary ingredients to your skin that can be harmful. If you’ve tried mineral makeup in the past and your skin became instantly red and itchy, check your label – you can bet it’s the Bismuth!

  • How is mineral makeup made?

Simple – the minerals are mined from the earth and ground into a powder. Different products contain various combinations and amounts of minerals, which is up to the formulator. Where the real fun begins is color!

Iron Oxides are the ingredient that gives mineral makeup color and lets beauty addicts like me live in a fantasy world of vibrant, never-ending hues.Found naturally in yellows, reds, browns and blacks, it is a matter of mixing and matching to find the perfect shade. For example, our Kari Gran mineral foundation is available in eight shades, each of which are precisely hand blended.

  • What are the benefits of mineral makeup?

Lots! I’ll give you my top three.

1)      Mineral makeup is all natural and kind to your skin, not irritating (assuming you’re avoiding the no-no ingredients above). It also does not contain petroleum oil, which is found in most non-mineral makeup and famous for clogging your pores.

2)      Mineral makeup has staying power for days. No midday touch-ups needed.

3)      Dewy. Dewy. Dewy. Mineral makeup has an ethereal glow (thanks to mica) that simply can’t be recreated with anything else.

  • What are some tips for working with mineral makeup

Remember, a little goes a long way. The color in mineral makeup is highly concentrated, so you typically just need a small dab of product – don’t overdo it. And don’t forget to work your brush. Really get the product into the bristles so it goes on thin and evenly, not in concentrated clumps.

Also, make mineral foundation a multitasker. You can use it in powder form, mix it with Essential Serum for a beautiful liquid foundation, or mix it with sunblock for a tinted moisturizer. Pro tip: if mixing with sunblock, go one foundation shade darker in order to combat the bright white sunblock tone.

Lastly, use a finishing powder and a few spritzes of Hydrating Tonic to set the look and make it stay.

  • Is it hard to use mineral makeup?

Nope! It may take a little getting used to, but mineral makeup is simple and easy. I recommend using miniature spoons/scoopers so you’re not constantly tipping out the powder, as that can create a mess. Simply spoon a small amount of product into the product lid, work the brush and apply. You do not need longer than five minutes for a flawless face – see our Five Minute Face mineral makeup tutorial for proof!

Ready to fall in love with mineral makeup, rekindle the romance or keep the passion burning? Kari Gran All Natural Mineral Makeup is here to meet your needs.




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