October 21, 2014 Kari Gran


We’ve shared our “how the Kari Gran business came to be” story before. The short version: Kari and Lisa meet in real estate, where they are both kicking butt. Kari and Lisa start getting older and reflecting on life. Recession hits. Burn out looms. The two friends go to a holiday lunch to lament and drink prosecco. Lisa gives Kari a necklace. Kari gives Lisa some fabulous all natural skin care products she’s been formulating herself at home…and the rest is history.

And while we’ve talked lots and lots about Kari Gran as a company, where we’ve been, how we got here, and where we’re going – what ever happened to that necklace? Ohhhh, that beautiful, beautiful necklace.

You see, this wasn’t just any necklace. This was a coveted piece of jewelry Kari had been eyeing for ages, a bespoke creation from the ultra-talented jewelry artist Regina Chang. Kari wanted it. She really wanted it. But she just couldn’t bring herself to make the splurge.

Enter Lisa. Lisa loves splurging, and if she knew anything about Kari, it’s that she 100% deserved to have this necklace. So she bought it, wrapped it and handed it over during that historic lunch with a warm heart and a huge smile.

Here is the catch about this gift exchange. We had specifically promised one another: NO PRESENTS. Obviously, we both blatantly ignored this agreement, knowing we had something too good not to share. When Lisa showed up with the necklace, and Kari showed up with her hand crafted skin care goodies, these were gifts from the heart. And it was over that lunch that our friendship became deeper, our resolve became stronger, and we realized there was a different future for us on the horizon, and that we’d get there working together.

That necklace is now our unofficial good luck charm. It’s there to be admired when Kari wears it to the office, makes cameo appearances in our photo shoots, and along the way, always helps us to remember that darn good brunch and to be thankful for the gifts in our life.

Kari & Lisa

P.S. – this post would be remiss without a big giant nod to the one and only Regina Chang. This lovely, Seattle-based jewelry designer uses Northwest elements such as driftwood (found at nearby Camano Island beaches), vintage metals and rough-cut stones to transform them into modern statement pieces that are truly distinct. You can admire and shop her works at boutiques all around the Seattle area, including the Seattle Art Museum shop, Hitchcock and KOBO.




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