January 22, 2014 Sally Bjornsen


Ever dreamed of having your own city chickens?  Check this out from JenBTV

Backyard Chickens: A Big Clucking Overview

Wanna source of omega 3s, protein, and free garden fertilizer in your own backyard?

You can get tastier, healthier eggs by keeping your own flock of cluckers. If you’re itchin’ to know more about backyard chickens, read on for the 411.

Why this Matters:

  • Eggs from backyard chickens have 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids than store-bought eggs.

  • You’ll decrease support for factory farms, where 95 % of egg-laying hens are kept in battery cages the size of an open paperback book.

  • Buying low-quality, factory-farmed eggs from the store costs over $100 a year. Put that money to reducing the distance between farm and fork, and get adorable new pets in the process.

Did you know?
In the chicken capital of the world, Gainesville, Georgia, it is illegal to eat chicken with a fork.

On a Personal Note
Keeping backyard chickens is all the rage for all the logical reasons discussed in the video. However, there is something odd that happens… these pterodactyl-like birds somehow win your heart. You’ll see!

Ready to try?

Our Fresh Pick:Chicken Diapers?! Laugh now, but you’ll be thinking about these later when you have a favorite chicken that wants to come inside and hang out.

A Deeper Dig:
Keep Chickens!, a book by Barbara Kilarski is an intro to chicken-tending for those who live in homes of all-sizes in cities or suburbs.






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