November 04, 2013 Sally Bjornsen


All natural skin care products are a staple in my home, but finding a soap that is moisturizing, lightly scented with essential oils and gentle enough for my young sons’ eczema prone skin is a challenge.   After exhausting many options at my local farmer’s and natural markets, I stumble upon Ellie’s Handmade Soap’swebsite.  (An important note – this all natural skin care product review is based on products purchased – no free skin care products in exchange for a review.)

In the world of all natural skin care products, Ellie’s offers 100% natural olive oil soaps.  I am smitten by her website’s photography, her ingredients, and the detailed description of her soap making process.  Part education and part homage to a process that has long since been commercialized, I order her 12 bar variety pack which includes:

Cinnamon Coffee
Gardener’s Scrub
Honey Blossom
Lavender Oatmeal
Lemon Verbena
Mint Leaf
Orange & Spice
Shea Butter & Olive

The soaps arrive quickly and are neatly and simply packaged.  Every scent is delightful yet subtle.  Nothing overpowers, everything smells refreshing yet comforting. My four-year-old son finds it was fun to open each soap package and decide on his favorite scent.  Oddly, he gives Cinnamon Coffee top honors which may say something about the sheer volume of coffee wafting from our coffee pot throughout the day.  Clearly, it’s a comforting aroma to him. 

My favorite soaps for the boys are Honey Blossom and Shea Butter & Olive.  Both have a rich and creamy lather.  The Honey Blossom smells mellow yet divine and the Shea Butter & Olive has no scent. Both of my boys’ skin react well to the soap and neither smell “perfumy” after their bath.  It’s now their go-to bath soap as it truly moisturizes their sensitive skin.  For me, the Lavender Oatmeal soap gently exfoliates without drying out my skin.           

Pricewise, Ellie’s soaps ring up a bit cheaper than their Whole Foods, all natural, counterparts and on par with the soap from our local farmer’s market.  I am a longtime fan of the farmer market’s creations, but each seem to melt away after about 20 uses.  Ellie’s soap has a consistency that holds up to sitting in my sons’ water-filled soap dish.  What I also like about Ellie’s is that it lasts about as long as a Tom’s of Maine soap, but leaves skin much softer.  Compared to specialty soap for toddlers with eczema, it’s far less expensive and her Honey Blossom soap is more effective.   




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