May 10, 2013 Sally Bjornsen


Q & A with Kari about Body Oil

Body Oils are a great way to deeply and quickly moisturize your skin.  Just apply a small amount to damp skin and towel off the excess or massage into dry skin.  Kari gives her thoughts on body oil in this Q & A:

Why would someone use body oil instead of moisturizer?

I do think that preference has something to do with it.  For me, it’s all about using pure product without any unnecessary fillers.  I also find it to be a bit more luxurious experience.

Do most body oils contain parabens?

Conventional ones may but the non-toxic ones I’ve tried do not.  It is always important to check the ingredients to be certain.

When looking for body oil, what ingredients are the most moisturizing?

I don’t think that body oils are a one size fits all product.  I think it really depends on your comfort level with using oil (if you are used to lotion as a moisturizer,  most have at least 80% or more water).  Oil will generally sit on the skin a bit longer.  Having said that, one of my favorite go-to oils is organic coconut oil.  I also like Jojoba, which isn’t an oil, rather a liquid wax from the Jojoba plant.  Sesame oil is also very nice – just make sure it is not toasted sesame oil.  The choices are endless, really.

What is your favorite right now?

Personally, I use good old organic coconut oil from Trader Joe’s ($6).  It does the trick for now and has one ingredient, coconut oil!  Plus, I can cook with it, put in a smoothie, deep condition my hair.  Just don’t try and take it through TSA security.  I tried to argue it as a solid (which it was) but they made me throw it in the garbage.




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