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DECEMBER 24, 2014


December 24, 2014


We frequently think about our family and friends and how grateful we are to have them in our lives, but it seems like when the holidays roll around we’re a bit more sentimental than usual. As we’re just days away from Christmas, we thought we’d take a quick stroll down memory lane:

First up, Kari:
My favorite memory was making lefse – a Norwegian flatbread (read: flour tortilla) made with potatoes and cream – with my mom every year. With some laborious steps like peeling and mashing potatoes, rolling out dough and frying, it’s kind of a pain to make. My mom took a fair shot of keeping the tradition going for so many years, but in the end handed over the reins and I’ve been taking the lead ever since. With my hand-me-down lefse grill and rolling pin, I still make it every holiday season for friends who like it (or say they do!) as it is a bit of an acquired taste, or lack thereof!

Christmas growing up was always great, but when I was in my 20s my parents divorced and the holidays took a left-turn. With our family torn a bit apart, it seemed like a good idea to stop trying to recreate “the old times” at Christmas and start some new traditions. That’s when we started to embrace gag-gifts and really wacky ideas for our family party. Last Christmas Eve reached a new high when we rented a mechanical bull to have a riding contest and served Indian food from our favorite Indian restaurant, Shanik, in the Kari Gran shipping department. We called it “A Merry Christmas—Cowboy & Indian style.” And, to commemorate the night we all got black Vans tennis shoes that were customized by a friend of ours, Tait Howard (a very cool sequential artist), who came up with his own version of “Cowboys & Indians” for us to wear. Of course, we were having so much fun, we forgot to take pictures, so all we have to show for it is this pile of shoes!

Maybe the best memories are made when life was simple and less complicated. Maybe not an ideal fairytale “I got a pony for Christmas” memories, but simply the right place at the right time to be in the spirit of the holiday. The season we lived in Boston was the best ever. There was snow, of course, but the kind of snow that you could build caves in. For weeks, sleds replaced our bicycles and ice skates replaced our roller skates. We skated on everything from frozen ponds to nearby cranberry bogs. Throw in a backdrop of Christmas lights and Silver Bells playing and there it is, my best holiday memories!

Happy holidays all!

-The KG Team