January 06, 2015 Kari Gran


Here at the KG HQ we like to use the phrase “go big, or go home,” and it’s carried us far. Rolling into 2015, we’re taking a deviation and using the next 12 months to focus on a series of little changes that will add up to a happier, healthier, more exceptional us by the time 2016 flies in. We’ve dubbed this adventure “2015: A Dozen Little Things” and we hope you’ll take an unofficial pledge to join us each month as we explore one small little change that can have big results.

The approach? We’re tossing out the concept of any one big, hairy audacious New Year’s resolution. And, we’re also going to do this thing with glass-half-full moxie. Rather than pressing the guilt pedal to the max and lecturing on the things you shouldn’t do (what would life be without a few guilty pleasures?), we’ll focus on easy things you can add to your existing groove without entirely changing your beat.

Each month, we’ll introduce one “little thing” and challenge ourselves (and you) to add it to your daily routine with the goal of turning all these beneficial items into long lasting, forever habits. Compounded over time, just think of the difference adopting 12 new healthy habits will make by the time we kiss this year goodbye.

We love this approach because it helps us focus on maintaining consistency by taking baby steps, rather than trying to overhaul our entire life in a single swoop just because the calendar flips to a new year. We’ve all lived through the resolution crash-and-burn a few months down the road. Quite the opposite, our commitment to slowly incorporating small additions into daily lives is easier to manage little by little and will leave us all stronger, more positive and feeling fantastic.

What little thing is first in line for us for 2015, you ask? Well, let’s just say we’re ready to wash 2014 away and face this New Year with excitement! Stay tuned for details! -Kari




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