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FEBRUARY 04, 2015


February 04, 2015


Here in Seattle, coffee is a big deal. On my way to work a couple mornings ago, I was in need of a chai tea. So I swung by a local coffee stand for a quick fix. I ordered my usual and handed over cash to pay, but the barista sweetly refused. “It’s on the car in front of you,” she said. I looked around to find the little red car that just pulled away.

As they waited to merge into traffic, I smiled and waved to the mother and child who had treated me.  “Have a nice day,” the barista said as she handed me back my money. “Wait,” I replied, “Use this to buy the man behind me his coffee.”

Here at the Kari Gran HQ, we believe a little kindness goes along way. In fact it’s our motto around here, “Be kind to your skin.” But the kindness doesn’t have to stop there. For the month of February, we are celebrating the little ways in life to be kind and make someone’s day. Need some ideas? Here’s fifteen of our best little ways you can be kind today.

1) Hold the door for the person behind you
2) Remind someone that you love them
3) Pick up trash
4) Buy coffee for the person behind you in line
5) Bring snacks into your office
6) Volunteer
7) Surprise someone by dropping dinner off at their door
8) Call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile
9)  Say thank you
10)  Buy a friend lunch
11)  Donate
12)  Put away someone’s cart at the grocery store
13)  Leave some extra room for merging cars
14)  Send someone a little gift of appreciation
15)  Smile

It really is that simple. It starts as a habit that requires some mindful tending to, but eventually, kindness becomes a way of life. Everybody appreciates a positive attitude and good energy. If we focus on that, we could inspire others to do the same because kindness is contagious. Who knows maybe you will be receiving some good energy or a random act of kindness in return someday. Even better, maybe whoever you treat with kindness will pass it on.

What else should we add to the list? What’s your favorite random acts of kindness?