Tell Us the Lip Whip of Your Dreams

OCTOBER 25, 2019

October 25, 2019

Tell Us the Lip Whip of Your Dreams

We invite you to help us create our next Lip Whip shade, which will debut in Spring 2020.

We’d love to hear from you. Got a favorite shade that you’d like us to try?  Let your imagination play.

All of your input is warmly welcomed and much appreciated!

List your ideas below in the “Leave a Comment” section.


  • Joanne

    Something similar to Clinque’s Black Honey.

  • Jeanne

    A deep mauve with simmer.

  • Donna Yelley

    A nice bronze that is not real sparkly

  • Naomi

    Something with a hint of purple!

  • marissa

    Burgundy with gold flecks please

  • Holly

    Nude shades would be fabulous!

  • Carla

    I would love to see a soft lavender shade! Thank you!

  • Sandy

    1. The first flower of spring is often the daffodil. It has a cheery orange/yellow center that sparkles with golden sunshine. A subtle shade of orange with a yellow undertone would look fantastic on many skin tones.

    2. A shimmering sand shade, slightly darker than neutral. You can name it Sandy.

  • Heather

    I would like a bright, cheerful Chinese Red. And a true Tangerine.

  • Faye Stone

    I would like a red that is more clear red not a blue red.

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