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At Kari Gran, we believe that beautiful skin starts with healthy, hydrated skin and that your makeup should be as gentle as your skin care products. We are changing the way that women think about their daily cosmetic application by keeping it natural, simple, and beautiful.

That’s why our cosmetic tips and tricks are designed to help women of all ages and skin types develop a simple makeup routine using naturally derived mineral makeup. This isn’t the place for complicated YouTube videos or time-consuming application tips and tutorials. No. We focus on sharing products, routines, and advice that add glow and provide nourishment in equal measure. Our lineup is a straightforward collection of foundation, concealer, eye shadows, and more in a range of colors that look great. Because your makeup is made to celebrate your skin; not hide it.

JUNE 08, 2016

Joy is the best makeup: Kaia Roman

June 08, 2016

Joy is the best makeup: Kaia Roman

This essay was written as part of an empowerment campaign, “Wear Yourself In,” led by eco-luxe skin care company Kari Gran. In response to the beauty industry pushing an impossible idea of flawless youth for years, the campaign encourages women to be kind to themselves, and their skin, as they reflect on beauty, aging, wisdom, and self-acceptance. Kaia Roman is the author of the upcoming book, The Joy Plan. She teaches Mindfulness to elementary school students in Santa Cruz, California and works as a freelance writer. For everyday mindfulness tips, check out Kaia’s blog at ******************************* Not long ago, I...

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