"Lazy Perfection": Makeup and You.

MAY 22, 2018

May 22, 2018

"Lazy Perfection":  Makeup and You.

The Art of Looking Great Without Really Trying

As someone who spent a crazy amount of time in the bathroom during her early teens trying to apply my Maybelline mascara to every single lash, layering and layering, like I was about to hit the red carpet instead of the halls of junior high, this book intrigued me. 

I’ll admit, I was hooked by the “Lazy” part of the title – who doesn’t want to look good with as little fuss as possible?

Jenny Patinkin, the author, is a professional makeup artist who says her book isn’t actually about being lazy, or perfect - we all know “perfect” is a myth.  “Lazy Perfection” is meant to show how to customize an efficient beauty routine that’s all about looking natural and beautiful. 

“Lazy Perfection” is a playful, chatty guide to discovering what makeup is going to look best on you, and work best for your lifestyle.  She takes the fear out of using makeup with simple, detailed instructions.

After working with her clients, her essential takeaway was “More Women Want to Wear Less Makeup”, an approach that neatly aligns with our philosophy at Kari Gran.

One of her major points is that if you take care of your skin, your entire beauty routine will be enhanced. Her Golden Rule of Skin care is “ALWAYS WASH YOUR FACE BEFORE YOU GO TO BED.”   Another belief we at Kari Gran wholeheartedly share! 

The book is full of practical tips and advice, such as

  • How to reduce makeup clutter
  • How to select products that flatter your coloring
  • How to look youthful and fresh (while admitting that there’s no secret sauce for anti-aging)
  • How to shop for makeup without stress, anxiety or guilt

Patinkin goes into detail about everything to do with makeup.  Probably more than I’ll ever need to know, but it’s thorough and you can pick and choose what appeals to you.

With each topic, she gives three “tracks” you can choose to follow, starting with the most natural, ramping up to glam:

  • Simple
  • Sophisticated
  • Sexy

Occasionally she devotes a “Just Stop” box to explain why something’s a bad idea, and why you shouldn’t be doing it.

We probably all agree that “when you look good, you feel good.”  And when you’re feeling good, you’re empowered, putting out positive energy, which reflects back on you and perhaps does the world a bit of good, too.

And Om, that’s the Zen of a makeup routine that works for you.

You can get a copy of "Lazy Perfection" here

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