Customizable Liquid Foundation

March 04, 2015

Customizable Liquid Foundation

Some days, I like the look and feel of mineral powder foundation and on other days I prefer a tinted moisturizer. When my skin feels like it needs extra hydration, liquid foundation does the trick. It’s not that I cannot make up my mind, it’s just that my skin is always changing depending on weather, hormones or something I have eaten or imbibed. And that’s where the Kari Gran multitasking Mineral Foundation powder makes sense. Rather than stuffing my makeup bag with products, I customize my foundation based on my skin’s specific needs.

Liquid Foundation 101

Whether you know your foundation shade or you have a sample kit, the process is the same. Start with the small white spoon provided, foundation and a bottle of Essential Serum. Fill ½ of the tiny white spoon with foundation – trust me, a little goes a long way – and add one pump of serum in the palm of your hand. Blend with your fingertip and voila, Customizable Liquid Foundation. Want more or less coverage? Just use more or less powder to the one pump of serum. The choice is yours, and you’ve saved space in that little makeup bag – the beauty of versatility. The ½ spoon to one pump ratio should be enough for your whole face, but you know yourself better than we do, so feel free to customize your coverage.

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